Thursday, May 22, 2014

Iphone to home speakers-wirelessly-for dummies!

I am not the most tech-savvy gal around, so this post is very exciting for me to write.

Back story: we got a stereo system hooked up to our home entertainment stuff a couple of years ago, but it's all hard-wired. When we wanted to hook our iPhones to the speakers (which was only worth the beating when we have parties), we had to open up our entertainment center, dig around for the cable to connect the phone (which we invariably misplaced or mis-identified, plugged into the wrong port, selected the wrong input, etc. and then our phones were tethered to the stereo. And our guests couldn't play their music through our speakers unless they had the same make and model of phone that we do, because the cable was only for our phones! Boo.

It's not as though bluetooth technology to wirelessly play your music is new, but I didn't realize (1) you could make it all work with (relatively) old, (relatively) cheap speakers; (2) how easy it is to use; (3) how inexpensive it is.  Thanks Logitech (and Amazon!) :)

Here's a link to the bluetooth adapter:

And here are the steps:

Plug it in to the outlet.
Connect it to the speakers with one wire.
Push the pairing button.
Jam out to Jagged Little Pill Mumford & Sons in your living room till your heart's content! ;)

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