Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Displaying Kids' Art!

When it comes to trying to display our babies' art, we've tried it all--shadow boxes, frames, tape to a wall, etc. But anything that requires too much effort results in the art never getting switched out to show off the latest and greatest. So after surfing around on some minimalist blogs for art display, I combined a few things I'd seen and came up with our art wall! I went to Michael's and found letters, some great, large, funky clothespins and some thin rope. I went to Target and found the perfect paint color for us. Then it was time to get to work!  Steps:

  • painted the wall our turquoise color
  • painted our "art" letters with white paint then polka dotted them in espresso paint by dipping a hot glue stick in the paint and dotting it on the letters, let them dry, then hung them in the center of the wall with hot glue
  • nailed two nails into opposite corners of the wall
  • looped the rope through the coils of the clothes pins and then tied the rope to the nails.  
  • clipped up my favorite pieces!
the beauty of this approach is that the clothespins can accommodate any size art--and you can freely move them around along the rope to fit your favorite masterpieces.  It also makes you choose the best of the best--and inspires your kiddos to do their best so their latest work can "make the wall." :)

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