Wednesday, October 1, 2014

How to polyurethane your front door :)

If you live in a hot, humid place like Texas, your front door will take a beating. Our front door is 15 years old, and the finish had started to really come off-particularly in places where we had taped notes to the door, etc.

If you look closely, the finish is patchy and very dull.  So I went to my hardware store, got some 320 (very fine) grit sandpaper, some tack cloth (very sticky cloth used to remove dust after sanding), a can of clear semi-gloss exterior polyurethane and a fine bristled paintbrush and got to work!
Step one: sand the entire surface of the door with sandpaper-you don't have to go nuts here-you just want to do enough to rough up the surface of the existing poly. Step two: wipe away all the sanding dust with the tack cloth.
Step three: paint on your new coat in even strokes, running the direction of the wood grain. Step four: wait 24 hours for it to dry and then viola! Just like new. The entire project (apart from the drying time) took just over an hour. And the total cost was $32 instead of the $200 it would cost for a professional painter to do it.

The finished product (it will be less shiny once it is fully dry)

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