Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Ultimate Beach Bag (for real)

As VERY frequent pool goers in the summer, I have learned what I need in a beach bag-and in my pool accessories. After scouring Amazon and Google and reading every review on every bag that looked promising, I settled on the Whale bag by Saltwater Canvas on Amazon. It comes in many colors, but I went with black so Larry wouldn't feel silly when he takes the kids on his own! :). Here is why I love it:

First, it stays upright on its own-even the handles stay up!  It is super roomy in the main compartment-room for our four towels and plenty of extra space for cover ups, etc.
Second, it has tons of exterior pockets all around to store all sorts of things (such as the four pair of identical green goggles we got so we never have to argue over who gets what color)
And (cheap, waterproof) flip flops and pool (cheap!) sunglasses in a rubber waterproof case. . . 
And sunblock so we don't have to dig down to the bottom of the bag or worry about something pressing down on the button and spraying it all over our stuff . . . 
And a little hook to clip out waterproof money holder in so we don't have to dig for change when we want a sno cone. . . 
And a perfect place to hook the Dri Cat iPhone case (rated for a depth of 18 feet) so I can take all the underwater pictures I want!-it comes with a carabbeaner and a lanyard so you can keep it attached to your body hands-free in the pool! 

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